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The emergency room team at Lodi Health prepares for the day knowing they can make a difference in someone's life. And they do — every day.

Our board certified physicians and emergency specialists stand ready to deliver outstanding emergency care with expertise and compassion. Whether you're facing a flare up of a chronic condition, an unexpected injury, or something more critical like chest pain you can count us to be here when you need us — and when you wish you didn't.

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At Lodi Health, we want you to be prepared in an emergency. Knowing when you or someone else needs emergency attention can be critical. An emergency is defined as a serious medical condition or symptom caused by an injury or sickness, which arises suddenly and requires immediate care and treatment.

Go to your nearest ER immediately if you experience:

  • Suspected stroke
  • Suspected heart attack
  • Complicated fracture
  • Poisoning
  • Deep wound
  • Vomiting/coughing up blood
  • Major head injury
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Extreme difficulty breathing
  • Severe burn
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Meet Some of Our Extraordinary Team

Megan Carter
Megan Carter, RN
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Stacy Kulm
Stacy Kulm, RN
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Vickie Miller
Vickie Miller, RN
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Ernie Sandoval
Ernie Sandoval, RN
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Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams, RN
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Shawn Williams, RN
Time in the ER: It will be 2 years in the ER at the end of July.
My Hobbies: My hobbies include running, reading and cooking.
My Favorite Part of My Job: I enjoy providing discharge instructions and education as it means my patients get to go home.
A Little Known Fact about Me: I have a twin sister.
Stacy Kulm, RN
Time in the ER: I have been working in the ED for 6 and a half years.
My Hobbies: Love to work in the garden and cooking, of course. It's even better while listening to 70's disco/funk music!
My Favorite Part of My Job: It's a tie! Nursing is all encompassing to the health of every individual at all stages...so, with that being said, nothing tops taking care of pediatric patients (and their mothers and fathers, too) AND empowering my patients through education! I LOVE to teach and I take every opportunity to share that knowledge with my patients. This creates a distinct relationship, that as their nurse I can help them understand what is going on and involve them in the plan of care!
A Little Known Fact about Me: I am afraid of heights...but, it is my competitive nature that trumps this phobia. When I witnessed my two older brothers jump out of an airplane in Acampo (with a tandem partner) I decided that one day I, too, would do it and I did! It was so much fun and I will never forget it!
Megan Carter, RN
Time in the ER: I've been in the ER for just over a year now!
My Hobbies: I like to take my Australian Shepherd on hikes.
My Favorite Part of My Job: My patients comfort is key to me! I focus on decreasing patients fears by talking to them about their care, keeping them up to date on their status, and providing occasional comedic relief.
A Little Known Fact about Me: I don't eat cooked fish, but I love sushi!
Vickie Miller, RN
Time in the ER: I've worked in emergency rooms for over 30 years, 11 of which have been at Lodi Health!
My Hobbies: I'm an avid gardener, both vegetables and flowers! I enjoy camping with friends and by myself, and also traveling. I'm trying to expand my travels to a larger radius. I love to take my three dogs to the dog park or out and about, and when I have a quiet moment, I love to read.
My Favorite Part of My Job: This may gross some folks out, but I am an expert at clearing wax out of impacted ears! There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone hear again.
A Little Known Fact about Me: If I told you then it wouldn't be a little known fact!
Ernie Sandoval, RN
Time in the ER: I’ve been in the ED for more than 15 years. I like helping people when they are sick or in need.
My Hobbies: Hanging out with family and watching sports. I especially like the Giants, the 49ers, and the Sacramento Kings.
My Favorite Part of My Job: I feel good when I know I’ve helped make things better for someone.
A Little Known Fact about Me: I am a second career nurse, getting my RN when I was 43. I worked a Lodi Safeway for 19 years prior to that.